There is a box on the wall outside the practice which you can access during opening hours. You can use this to leave samples, letters, prescriptions requests etc. This will be checked regularly throughout the day. Please do not leave samples without an explanation of why you are handing a sample in.  Samples deposited without acccompanying information will be discarded.

Clinics & Services

In addition to GP consultations we offer a comprehensive range of clinics and healthcare services:

Special Services

pregnant_lady1Family Planning - All of the doctors and nurses provide contraceptive services and advice during normal surgeries. Dr Mercer inserts and removes coils (IUDs) and contraceptive implants, Advanced Nurse Practitioner Margaret Brown inserts and removes implants and removes coils (IUDs). 

Coils (IUDs) Please look up the Family Planning Association website for information and help in choosing which coil (copper or hormonal) you think may be best for you;

Some important points for  coil fittings:

Rarely, patients can feel faint or unwell after a coil fitting, so we are unable to fit a coil if you attend alone with a child. 

Do not have any unprotected sex prior to your appointment - the coil may not be able to be fitted if there is a risk of pregnancy. Withdrawal method is not considered effective as far as coil fittings are concerned, so please abstain or use a condom. Condoms are available from the surgery if required. 

If you are having a routine coil change, please do not have sex without a condom for 7 days prior to the appointment.

If you are attending for a coil change which is overdue, please use condoms up to your appointment (or at least from your period before, or for 3 weeks before if you do not get periods with the Mirena)

if you are wanting a coil removed but not replaced, please speak to reception to book an appointment with Dr Mercer or ANP Margaret Brown. Please use condoms for 7 days prior to your appointment.

If you are already on other contraception e.g. the pill, continue to take it up to and including the day of your appointment.

You may wish to take some painkillers - paracetamol or ibuprofen etc.  prior to your appointment. 

Don't skip any meals beforehand - you may be more likely to feel faint after the procedure if you have not eaten. 

Allow plenty of time for the appointment as you may need to sit for a while after, especially before driving. 

Coil appointments are longer than standard GP appointments, and unfortunately seem to have a high rate of non-attendance. Please let us know if you are no longer able to attend. Due to the demand for appointments, we are unlikely to offer another appointment at the surgery if you fail to attend for your coil fitting.

Cervical Smears - All women age 25-64 in Scotland who have ever been sexually active are strongly advised to have a cervical smear. These are done during normal surgeries by the practice nurse or any of the doctors. Please make a double appointment with the practice nurse for a cervical smear.

Maternity Services - Antenatal and postnatal care is provided by all the doctors during normal surgeries. The local Maternity Care Centre is at Rutherglen Primary Care Centre in Stonelaw Road which is staffed from the Princess Royal Maternity unit.

Diabetes, Asthma and Other Chronic Diseases - These reviews are done by the practice nurses. If you have asthma or non-insulin dependency diabetes and do not attend a regular review please let us know.

Women's Health - here we offer advice on all aspects of women’s health including cervical smears, breast and blood pressure checks, menopause counselling, contraception, healthy eating and exercise.

Men's Health - Routine checks are available with the practice nurse.

Physiotherapy - For self-referral to physiotherapy please call 0845 604 0001 or pick up a card at reception.

Podiatry - Forms available at Reception for self referral or click the link to print a form

Child Health Programmedoctor_baby_girl

  • Child Health Surveillance - Dr MacWalter provides this service. All children under five should attend. The first check is at 6-8 weeks.  Further appointments will be issued automatically.
  • With doctor and Health Visitor - 6-8 weeks. Child health automatically issue appointments.
  • Well Baby Clinic - a health visitor will be available at Johnson Drive Community Clinic by appointment on 0141 643 3536.
  • Immunisations - we run immunisation sessions at Johnson Drive Community Clinic by appointment.  Immunisations are very important for the health of all children. Children who are behind with their vaccinations should catch up as soon as possible.

Adult Immunisations

Travel immunisations are important; please ask at reception for a form to give details of your journey eight weeks beforehand. We will then let you know what vaccines you need. All adults should be vaccinated against tetanus. Anyone over 50 may not have been vaccinated as a child and may need a course of three injections. Two boosters in adult life should be sufficient to maintain immunity.

Flu vaccination is recommended for anyone with chronic heart, lung or kidney disease or diabetes and for everyone over the age of 65. It is given every Autumn.

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